8 methods of cashmere scarf, a must-have in winter!


"Cashmere Scarf System" The editor gives examples of co […]

"Cashmere Scarf System"

The editor gives examples of commonly used and infrequently used methods, they are all very practical methods, let everyone fall in love with the scarf.


Basic shawl

Although the scarf is casually draped over the front of the shirt, it doesn't keep warm, but the chic and casual effect still looks very exciting. However, the length of the scarf must be above the knee. Too long will not only make you appear short, but will also appear to be procrastinated in action.

There is also a shawl of varying lengths that definitely drives the rhythm of the Virgo crazy. Just a little comparison of length and short will make your fashion index go up. Of course, when trying this method, remember that the width of the scarf should be narrower to look good.


Belt shawl style

Wearing a scarf on a belt is a very hot way in the past two years, and it is indeed a very special and fashionable way. This year's popular bathrobe coat has made witty fashionistas find that tying a scarf directly in a belt has the same effect.When the weather is warm, you can choose whether to tie the scarf on the outside or inside. It looks good anyway!


One circle system

For girls who feel that they are not warm and unstable, let's continue to look at the second way: wrap around the neck, and then put the scarf on the body at will. Scarves of different materials have different effects, and this method is applicable to each kind of scarf.
The flat-chested girl puts the scarf in and immediately has a proud bust ~ but only for visual effects. In addition, if you don't put it in, you can change into an A cup in one second.


Asymmetric method

Continue to drive the Virgo's asymmetrical method to create the style of a literary chick.
The upgraded version of the Virgo Super Asymmetric Scarf System. This method looks very big, but it is not acceptable to ordinary people. Please be cautious when trying.



It is also called the half-circle method. This method is free and easy and unruly. The disadvantage is that the scarf is always unstable and easy to fall off. Women who love beauty are always hot and smart. They find that if the contact area between the scarf and the clothes is enlarged, the friction will increase and the scarf will not fall off easily! And the warmth is better~


One knot method

This kind of knot is also used by 3-year-old children, and the effect looks good. The other is also lazy's favorite way to tie knots. The effect is equally literary.


2 turns and 1 knot

A slightly thinner scarf is needed to make a knot around twice, and it is not recommended for wool scarfs and cashmere scarves that are too large.


Superposition method

The two scarves are superimposed on each other. First of all, the two scarves must look good together. At the beginning, you can choose black, white and gray or similar colors. It is simple and easy to produce results. So now you are short of a fashionable and warm cashmere scarf.

Classic models can be matched with different clothes

British fan windbreakers and cool leather jackets can also be easily controlled by it.
Processed with cashmere as raw material

Soft texture, soft luster

Cashmere is naturally curly, loose and airy, light and warm

Cashmere can also promote the activity of hair follicles, stimulate blood circulation, and relieve fatigue. A scarf that is often soft!

Large size, very practical and safe,

Shawls and scarves are completely OK, and the texture is really good.

Even in the very cold winter, there is a warm and gentle side~~

Atmospheric grade, regardless of age, I think this one is the best!

Long enough and soft enough, the most important thing is that the colors are highly matched~! I just like this simple but designed model,

Just like to appreciate not being feminine and pretentious, with a very clear temperament.

The length is enough to enclose several circles, but the thickness is moderate and does not appear bloated.

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