A scarf is better than a warm hug in winter


Nothing in winter can warm people's hearts more than sc […]

Nothing in winter can warm people's hearts more than scarves; if not, then surround two.

The face was buried in a soft scarf in the cold wind, like hiding in a warm harbor. It can also be used to add shape to the overall mix, which may become the finishing touch of the whole body. There are many styles of scarves, but the simplest ones are often the most versatile. Checks, especially Scottish national style scarves, become a "car accident scene" if you don't do it. Don't do porcelain work without diamonds.

When I was ignorant, I once bought a cashmere scarf with pink check and double tassels. I could hardly find a suitable dress style to match it. I will not let go of the "car accident scene", imagine it yourself.

Black, gray, beige and camel long scarves are the "Wu Yanzu" in the scarf world. You can't buy too much. Pair with dark coats, leather coats and trench coats in autumn and winter to easily create a sense of luxury. You don't need to rack your brains to think about color matching and study various ways of playing. You can wear it, hang it, wrap it, or pile it.

The lifelong pursuit of cashmere lovers-camel hair
It is a small alpaca living in South America, known as the "Queen of the Andes". The term also refers to cashmere obtained from their necks.

It can be called the most expensive fiber in the world. Things are rare, and the number of wild llamas is scarce. As of the 1960s, there were only 5,000 animals left in the world. The fibers are extremely thin, with a diameter of about 12 microns, and the resulting fabric is extremely light and warm. Peter Mayer mentioned in the book "Related Taste" that "this is more expensive than Mongolian Kashmir cashmere".

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