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A fashion master once put forward a point of view: Fash […]

A fashion master once put forward a point of view: Fashion = 50% clothing + 25% Accessories + 25% make-up. In other words, if you want to be a real in person person, you have to pay more attention to accessories and facial make-up, so as to create your fashion image in an all-round way. Today we are going to talk about scarves. In the winter, of course, it's time for scarves and necklaces of all kinds to make a grand debut. Necks without scarves always feel bare and missing something. Their role can not be underestimated, keeping warm and modeling both.

01 the plush red ball is particularly lovely and festive, balancing the gentle artistic atmosphere of the grid, as if it had been gloomy for a long time, and the red sun suddenly appeared in the weather, making people look ruddy and cheerful. Wide fabrics can also be worn as shawls.

02 the visual effect brought by the impact of two sweet and bright colors makes people feel bright. With the embellishment of wave points, letters and animal patterns, a scarf thus gathers all kinds of popular elements, which is playful and cute, and also full of European and American customs.

03 It doesn't matter if you don't like too long scarves. There are simple and clear scarves full of three-dimensional feeling. There is no doubt about the thermal effect of Rex rabbit hair, which is also the pronoun of high-end grade. The design of the ball is more like the Crystal Grape hanging on the branches in midsummer, charming and moving.

04 many girls love to wear scarves, but the constitution is easy to get angry, it is not suitable to choose thick wool material. Silk fabric is soft and soft, and has a light and elegant temperament, if you are proficient in all kinds of scarf wearing methods, you can transform a variety of styles with skillful hands.

05 Because of a circle of lotus leaf, the whole neck becomes more romantic and charming, and the scenery between the neck also makes people forget to go back. Compared with scarves, necklaces are more convenient, especially for girls who are just beginning to learn how to dress up. It's much easier to start with a bib.

06 scarves are like magic props in the hands of fashion bigwigs. They are full of variety and can't be helped. Just as the geometric patterns on the scarves are ever-changing, they convey the tireless pursuit of beauty by modern women. The dense tassels at both ends bring the aesthetic style into full play.

07 a scarf let us see the petal dance flying all over the sky. Do you think you can also feel the vitality of spring in the depressed autumn and winter? In addition, when staying in the air-conditioned room in spring and summer, the scarf can be flexibly used as a shawl to prevent cold, and can also form a beautiful scenery in the office.

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