Can cashmere scarves be ironed? How to iron cashmere scarves


Can cashmere scarves be ironed? How to iron a cashmere […]

Can cashmere scarves be ironed? How to iron a cashmere scarf? Yes, but iron at low temperature.
The cashmere scarf itself is easy to wrinkle, and it can be wrinkled when used improperly. Ironing can be done appropriately. Cashmere must be ironed at a low temperature. The hotter the cashmere, the more wrinkled it may be due to the high temperature. You can use steam ironing or ironing with a low-temperature cloth ironing. It can be prevented when it is placed flat, hung or rolled up. The cashmere scarf wrinkles.

How to iron a cashmere scarf:
After the cashmere scarf is dry in the shade, iron it neatly with a towel at medium temperature. Pay attention to the temperature when ironing, spray some water mist on the scarf before ironing, and pay attention to the latitude and longitude direction when ironing.
What to do if the cashmere scarf is wrinkled:
It is recommended that you rinse in clean water, the water temperature is below 35 degrees, pay attention to the water over the scarf. Then use a soft detergent or special wool detergent to rinse gently. Be careful not to scrub. Use squeeze washing, avoid twisting, squeezing to remove water, spreading it out in the shade or hanging it in half. Remove wrinkles.

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