Correct washing method of Cashmere scarf


Cashmere scarves not only lack warmth, but are also ver […]

Cashmere scarves not only lack warmth, but are also very fashionable. Because of the special material of Cashmere scarf, they are generally more expensive.

Therefore, cleaning and maintenance are more important in daily use. So, how to wash cashmere scarves better? The correct washing method of cashmere scarves

1. First soak in foamy neutral lotion water at 35°C for 15-20 minutes. Avoid adding enzymes or chemical auxiliaries containing bleaching and dyeing properties, lotions and shampoos to prevent erosion and fading.

2. Gently pat and knead with your hands, do not knead, so as not to cause pilling or felting. 3. Multi-color cashmere scarves should not be soaked, and cashmere scarves of different colors should not be washed together to avoid cross-color.

4. Use 35℃-40℃ warm water to wash two or three times, and put some vinegar or softener in the final clean water

It feels better. Put the washed cashmere scarf on the sloping board and press lightly with your hand to squeeze out the water or put it into a cloth bag

Dehydrate in the washing machine spin drum. Then lay it flat to dry, do not hang it to avoid deformation.
5. According to the pre-cut paper board, flatten the scarf and arrange the shape.

Put a wet towel on it and iron it with a medium-temperature iron. The iron must not be in direct contact with the cashmere scarf.

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