What is the nickel mesh of the fabric in a printed scarf?


Winter is here, and it ’s uncomfortable for people in t […]

Winter is here, and it ’s uncomfortable for people in the south or north. If the north has heating, the south can only rely on Haoran's righteousness. At this time, we in the south need to choose the right way to ensure the warmth. The warm scarf was very comfortable. What is the importance of printed scarf fabric? What is nickel mesh?

(1) Porosity and uniformity. The open area ratio refers to the percentage of the area of ​​the open area of ​​the printed nickel mesh. The opening rate affects the size of the printing paste, which is one of the important technical indicators of the printed nickel mesh.

(2) Wall thickness and wall thickness uniformity. Wall thickness of printed nickel mesh is another important indicator of nickel mesh.

(3) Manufacturing quality of inner and outer walls. Nickel mesh should be free of wrinkles, folds, oil, burrs and other defects within the maximum printing width.

(4) Toughness and elasticity. The nickel mesh must withstand the pressure of the cloth surface and the scraper. Elasticity refers to the ability of the nickel mesh to naturally recover from deformation under external forces.

(5) Mesh arrangement direction. The angle between the mesh and the axis of the mesh is usually 60 °, while the special high-mesh mesh has been reduced to 45 °. This is because, if the wall thickness is the same, the opening ratio of the double-flare section is higher than that of the single-flare section. In addition, the shape of the cross-section of the double bell mouth facilitates the flow of color paste, which can appropriately reduce the pressure of blade scraping, which is conducive to the improvement of printing definition.

(6) The pros and cons of nickel mesh will be reflected in the quality of the fabric printing and printed products, so it should be noted and identified during the printing production process.

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