Do you know the shape and function of a scarf


Scarves are long strips, triangles, squares and other f […]

Scarves are long strips, triangles, squares and other fabrics around the neck. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester, etc., usually for keeping warm, but also for beauty, cleanliness or religion. Wear.

Scarf shape
   Simply wrap the scarf one by one around the neck. If the material of the scarf is soft enough, it can be wrapped around more delicately, which will give people a "European and American style" feeling.
   After neatly fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle shape, leave the corners in front, or fix it with a scarf buckle.
   When the clothes are too monotonous and need to be decorated, the scarf is inevitably a choice. After simple tidying, it is hung on the neck, which can not only decorate, but also resist the coolness brought by the cold air of the air conditioner.

Scarf function

In cold climates, people wear thick scarves made of wool to keep warm.

In a place with a dry climate, a lot of dust or serious air pollution, people can wrap a thin scarf around their head to keep their hair clean. Over time, this habit has become a trendy dress for women in many cultures.
  In some cases, clothing such as knitted scarves is a common trade item.
   Scarves of various colors are also used by some Australian football fans. The name of the supporting football team is printed on the scarf, and the fans will wave and cheer in the audience.

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