Do you want something with a small face to keep warm?


Yo, yes, what I share in this article is a big scarf bi […]

Yo, yes, what I share in this article is a big scarf bigger than my boyfriend's palm and warmer than his arms! I don't know if the girls have noticed. It seems that the clothes are thin. As long as the feet and neck are warm enough, the whole body will be warm!

01 plush and thick scarf can protect the cold and sensitive neck well. A section of solid color, a section of thread, and a section of printing are alternately spliced to make the scarf around the face happy and drive away the bleak winter. Even if there is no strong color, it can make this winter full of heat and strength.

02 girls who like solid color can also use the scarf with plush and thickening to continue this concave shape, which can expand and expand the scope of collar invisibly, just like a large lapel coat, and naturally decorate her face to the size of palm. Even if eating and drinking makes the face more and more mellow, it is not afraid to have such a thin shape to create the illusion.

03 there must be a girl who will jump out and say that the above scarf encirclement method is too test technology. Is there a simple way to make the scarf warm and thin? yes! A thick scarf can be wound at will to achieve your goal.

04 The more lazy way is to find a long and wide scarf to put around the neck, and spread the part hanging in front of the body as far as possible, so as to create the illusion of a big lapel, and have the effect of a little V-neck, two pronged approach, showing a better effect.

05 and do not like the thick feeling too strong girl can consider the long and big silk scarf. Not only light and soft, but also warm against the skin. According to their own skin color to choose their own color scarves, in the dark color of the main melody of winter staged beautiful spring.

06 If you have more courage, the national style shawl can definitely make you have a good time. Our national style shawl will fight against you no matter how low your temperature is and how bad the weather is.

07 the knitted shawl shawl with silk luster properly sends out the flavor of lady and lady. Whether it is a gentle lady or an elegant lady depends on the color selection of the shawl scarf. If you want to thin face effect is obvious, might as well in front of the body surrounded by a loose inverted triangle shape.

08 atmosphere of printing, luxury fabrics to achieve the quality of wool scarf. It is broad enough to be used as a shawl, and the sense of grace and nobility is leisurely revealed. It does not need to be so exquisite skills around the neck, even if casually draped on the shoulders, are absolutely warm and thin.

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