High texture scarf gives winter a little color


Maybe it's out of the consideration of being durable, d […]

Maybe it's out of the consideration of being durable, dirty and versatile. In winter, girls will have one or two dark coats, and then put on black bottoms and boots. It seems cool and thin? It's too hard to find a bright spot in it! Don't easily bow to the chilly wind in winter, match it with a beautiful high-quality scarf, and immediately improve the modeling texture, give winter a little color to see!

01 Although the British style plaid is a jumping color bump, it does not feel disorganized at all, but it is very novel and endurable. The rex rabbit fur ball decorated at the end not only improves the overall sense of hierarchy and quality, but also makes people feel cute and full of meaning.

02 Silk is one of the most popular natural materials since ancient times. Its luxurious and elegant luster and smooth touch are the main reasons. The super large design shows the feeling of luxury. It can be seen from the scenery. The sun protection and warmth preservation are very practical. It is a necessary partner for home travel.

03Kind and kind-hearted ladies may reject fur. The imitation fur produced at the historic moment not only has a comfortable texture, but also can enhance the warmth retention effect of scarves. It really kills two birds with one stone. Two color stitching shows the taste, and the embellished flowers bring out a trace of sweetness, making the elegant and dignified temperament gentle and sweet.

04 Pure color combined with the material as thin as cicada wings is enough to make people fall in love at first sight, so light and beautiful, from the visual to the touch is a kind of enjoyment, can not help singing the poem: "this thing should only be in the sky, how can we see you in the world!"

05 To say that this silk is really wonderful, smooth and smooth is a kind of beauty, but it has another charm when it is decorated with fine folds. This kind of material is easy to take care of and feels very elegant. If it is draped on the shoulder or around the neck, the beauty of it will not be buried in any shape.

06 Young beauties may worry that bright colors are too delicate. In fact, as long as it is simple and atmospheric style, the eye-catching color will only make you look energetic, and there is no sense of incompatibility with age. The feeling of youth is worth simplicity.

07 Double sided design and color of scarf foreign style and full of vitality, no matter how boring the shape with its addition, will immediately become lively and lively? The colorful colors are full of lively festival atmosphere, which can also reflect the immaculate whiteness of skin. It is a very practical collocation piece.

08 Can keep warm, sunscreen, shawl, neck, can show the Queen's domineering, can show the temperament of a famous woman, such a scarf is simply versatile, each color is so popular, I really want to ask a sophomore to have each, absolutely not afraid that the wardrobe in autumn and winter is too monotonous.

09 each kind of printing has a name, and each name contains a story. Do you like the scarf with story? Colorful printing is most in line with the intellectual and elegant female image, even if it is just casually put on the shoulder, that style has already made people intoxicated.

10 Don't look at the neck is just a circular scarf, its unique modeling feeling can suddenly become fashionable. It can not only add a lovely feeling to the cute girl's modeling, but also strengthen the handsome feeling for the European and American style modeling. It's warm and not cumbersome. It's full of practicality.

11 Simple but not vulgar style, from the end of the exquisite twist tassel, one by one and delicate, like crisp and delicious Mahua, sweet to the bottom of the human heart. Solid color style in the collocation do not have to think too much, casually around the body, it will not feel inappropriate.

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