How can the most in spring accessories lack a sultry silk scarf


   The spring equinox has passed, do you know what is t […]

   The spring equinox has passed, do you know what is the fashion vane for the arrival of spring? Looking at the various street shots of fashion bloggers, you will be surprised to find that no matter what kind of collocation, the silk scarf that is suddenly added to the accessories can not be ignored. As the most in spring accessory, how much do you know?

  The silk scarf used as a headscarf is not only a tactic used by street photographers in Europe and the United States, but also elegant women like to walk through the clean streets with their hair covered in this way.

Shoulder scarves are not common, but it is undeniable that the same color tone that echoes the trousers gives the original monotonous T-shirts a look. The simple attire also caught the eye because of this finishing touch, making people feel shiny and bright. Shining.

Although there are many ways to surround silk scarves, there is no such elegant long golden hair and no suitable color to match. The more personalized matching method is not suitable for our daily life. In fact, it can be beautiful if you surround it like Kerr. In spring, then we will discuss the most basic method of silk scarf.

01 First of all, the simplest is the hanging neck style. Like Hada, just hanging around the neck is also very beautiful. It adds a few elegant feelings to clothes that are not originally draped fabrics, even when the clothes are not cool enough. It can also bring the breath of spring with the breeze.

  02 Then it's half circle. For silk scarves, the texture of this kind of yarn is more suitable for the changed circle. He didn't put the silk scarf completely at the back, but draped it lightly on his shoulders, letting the extra part hang down, and the gentle taste was a little charming.

  03 It's a circle again. After wrapping the silk scarf around your neck, you don’t need to let it hang down properly with nice creases, but it’s a little messy, so that the overall collocation is smudged with a sense of laziness. , So that the whole person is immersed in this relaxed season called "spring sleepiness".

04 Loose knots are also one of the basic methods of silk scarves. The silk scarves are originally draped fabrics, the color complements on the knots and the pattern decorations on the face are simply good for your simple clothes in pure colors. A gospel, no longer have to worry that the primer after removing the coat is just like the primer.

  05 The loose knot can also be effectively integrated with the shawl, and the upper part of the knot can also be used. In addition to decorating the base to avoid the monotonous embarrassment, it can also block part of the sun for you in the spring, or keep you warm when the breeze blows.

  06 The style of shawl is not static, so the back style shawl also has a special flavor. In this way, whether it's a skirt or a one-shoulder T-shirt, you don't have to worry about the silk scarf affecting the beauty of your collarbone, and this is just perfect for the half-masked collarbone of the pipa.

07 Silk scarf is a must-have item in girls’ wardrobe that will not be outdated. Don’t worry about getting tired one day. If you are tired of the silk scarf in the wardrobe last year or even the year before, you might as well take it out and make some new changes. , Different methods or give different positions, make decorations for other small objects on your body, the beauty is when you discover it.

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