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In the cold and warm winter, I love scarves, especially […]

In the cold and warm winter, I love scarves, especially cashmere scarves. In the trendy stacking show, the appearance of the scarf is indispensable in the street dress. So how many ways do you know how to make a scarf? Why the scarf in the fashion show is the finishing touch, your scarf will always appear cumbersome and redundant, let's start with the discussion from the method of tie.

[1. Symmetrical circle type]

The easiest and most common way to tie is this kind of circle style, a simple and concise method, with a woolen coat, to express such a clean side, the choice of scarf does not need to be too heavy and generous. A narrow rectangle, just a circle around the neck.

  【Second, scarf type】
Bibs are often the favorite of girls who prefer low-necked sweaters. They always dislike the high collars that hold their necks. Then replace them with loose collars. It is also a good choice to take a cameo on the collar of the clothes. Then at this time It is the clever connection in the color selection.

   [Three, tight knot type]

If you like scarves but don’t like procrastination, then this handsome tight-knot style is perfect. The elongated neck is matched with a woolen cap. You can’t think of it as cool. Even the gentle pink can make you love sports. The sunshine that loves life is revealed.

   [Four. Irregular full shawl style]

 The shawl is also one of the many uses of the scarf, and the shoulder and neck are the parts that are most likely to feel cold. With a wide scarf that can take care of the neck or shawl, it can be easily handled indoors without the jacket, and there is no need to tangled in the intersection of wearing clothes and taking off the jacket, and loses elegance.

  【Five, pine knot shawl style】

The shawl can be tied up loosely in this way. Half a shawl and half a scarf, covering both the shoulders and the neck. The most gentle is also this, modifies the neck line and softens the face.

  【Six, Hada style】

There is also a method that is simple enough to surprise everyone, like the Hada that was just presented, it is loosely placed around the neck, even if the collar is low, it will not feel cold, and those who want to show off the sexy have the opportunity to show their clavicle .

  【Seven, loose knot type】

Mori Girl Healing is the way girls prefer to tie scarves, thick thread woven coats, looming sweater chains, messy long hair or tied up or stuffed into scarves, Wenwen walks weakly, it is a beautiful scenery, healing It is also the person who saw this scenery.

  【Eight, half circle type】

Although there are not only so many ways to tie scarves, they are always inseparable. Trendy people can always make seemingly random but elaborate dresses according to their own clothes. With a little thought on the scarf, you can also become a new member of the street shooting clan this winter.

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