How to Care For a Cashmere Scarf


A Cashmere scarf is an excellent winter accessory that' […]

A Cashmere scarf is an excellent winter accessory that's soft, warm, and lightweight. The yarn used for cashmere is made from a special type of goat that lives in the Himalayas. The goats' coats consist of two layers: an outer layer of coarse hairs and an undercoat of ultra-fine insulating fibers.

Care for a Cashmere scarf is very important to ensure that it will last for years. These scarves can shrink quickly if they're not properly cared for, so it's important to keep them clean as much as possible. Machine washing is not recommended because the cashmere will shrink or get damaged after washing. A hand-washed cashmere scarf is the best way to care for it. Use warm water and a special wool detergent. Avoid using the dryer or any harsh detergents.

Cashmere scarves are very versatile and are easy to style. Although the classic draped scarf looks elegant, it's more about style than function. On warmer days, this style is perfectly fine, but in colder weather, opt for the Parisian knot. If you're unsure of what style to choose, just try experimenting with different designs and colors.

Cashmere comes in three different grades. The best one is Grade A, which has the finest fibres. Its diameter is approximately 30 microns. The worst grade is called B and has thicker fibres. However, it's cheaper than the other grades and doesn't have the same softness.

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