How to choose a cashmere scarf?


Choose a suitable scarf, not only can resist the cold, […]

Choose a suitable scarf, not only can resist the cold, but also make your temperament double, become different, show your charm.

Today I will teach you how to choose a cashmere scarf

1. Look at the brand
First of all, we should choose a brand that stresses reputation, quality and reputation. Never choose scarves without address, trademark and cashmere content. Then we can look at the quality. If cashmere has a soft appearance, a full pile surface and a strong sense of wool shape, its surface is shrunken and has a layer of fine wool. If it is illuminated in bright light, the appearance will be more obvious.

2. Cashmere is a very soft fabric. It is lighter than wool and has excellent flexibility. Therefore, it can be weighed and pinched in your hand. This is also one of the ways to identify authenticity. It's also a way to identify quality.

How to choose the right scarf according to your own situation?
1. People with short and fat body and large chest circumference are suitable to choose scarves with simple patterns, dark colors and single colors, because dark colors can reduce the visual sense. On the contrary, if you are thin and small, you should choose simple, simple and elegant scarves, but you should choose warm colors.

2. For people with shoulder width or shoulder slip, it is suitable to choose home-made scarf. You can put both ends of the scarf obliquely on the shoulder as if hanging behind the shoulder, which will make the shoulder relatively wider and thicker visually.

3. For people with long neck, men can choose a thicker and longer scarf, which is convenient to wrap around the neck and shoulder, which will make the neck shorter. Women can choose a loose scarf around the neck, and the color should be close to the jacket.

4. People with black skin should not choose light color scarf, neutral color is better, and white skin is more suitable for soft color scarf.

Do you have more direction in choosing scarves?


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