How to choose a scarf that suits you


I don't know if the girls have the same experience. In […]

I don't know if the girls have the same experience. In winter, even if the clothes on the upper body are less and thin, as long as the temperature of the neck is maintained, they will feel warm. But when we get indoors, the neck doesn't like to have a sense of bondage, but the collar of a high collar dress can't be removed. Only the scarf is just right, it can be put aside, waiting to go out to work again.

01 Therefore, the importance of scarves in winter can be seen in general. So it's very important to choose a scarf that suits you. In addition, scarves can also modify the skin color to a certain extent, and can present different styles with different clothing.

02 the most common to the number of pure black scarf, from the perspective of collocation is not difficult to say, even if the whole body black with a black scarf is not too much. If the whole color of your scarf is full of color, then it will be full of joy.

03 light gray scarf can enhance temperament, and soft color can make facial gloss look younger to a certain extent, affinity is also strengthened in the subtle influence of gray. So many benefits, just need a light gray scarf can be completed.

04 It is worth mentioning that the turmeric scarf is not an uncontrollable item. Many girls mistakenly think that turmeric will make the original yellow skin look yellower. In fact, it is not. In autumn and winter, the turmeric will be close to the face. Locally sing the main melody, you will find different surprises.

05 all solid color scarves are very simple in collocation, the key is to choose one that can say their skin color. So how to choose? There are more methods on books, on the Internet and on blogs, but the most reliable way is to try more and experiment more. Naturally, you will know which color is most suitable for you.

06 said more solid color scarves, let's have a look at the beauty of decorative scarves. Most leopard prints give people the impression of being hot, sexy and mature. However, there are also leopard scarves of this age reduction cartoon version, which are suitable for young girls. The embellishment of big tassels will strengthen this feeling.

07 college style jacquard scarves let you return to the campus era. Generally, such printed patterns will be matched with wool fabric to highlight its texture. Bright color can lighten skin color to a certain extent. It is a good strategy to let scarf light up in the whole dull wearing color.

08 national style printing will pop the vitality to the top, it seems that the festival has passed, but the mood can still stay in the weekend. Exquisite patterns without repetition, each level has a new experience, so full of surprise scarves and dark clothing with the best match.

09 the time tested classic SCOTTISH PLAID is never out of date, and the joyful atmosphere of this nation gives people a refreshing and eye-catching feeling. Playful and eye-catching colors and patterns with any solid color clothing are harmonious and perfect appearance.

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