How to choose scarf in different seasons


Spring - silk Silk is the most commonly used material f […]

Spring - silk
Silk is the most commonly used material for making silk scarves. The silk scarf made of this material not only glows with charming luster, but also has natural folds, which looks natural and beautiful. It's more appropriate to wear such a scarf to attend a formal occasion. The graceful and gorgeous scarf is draped on the chest, steady but not lack of style, beautiful but not frivolous, silently showing your watery tenderness.
Silk natural fiber, in the dry and windy spring, avoids the trouble of static electricity, and has good heat preservation and elasticity. In addition, its soft care, so that it does not show any artifice in shaping various shapes, I believe it will be favored by you. Although this kind of scarves can also be cleaned at home, you who love scarves better send it to a professional laundry for washing. In addition, when storing, do not forget the characteristics of silk scarves that are easy to be moth eaten. Be sure to put insect repellent.

Summer - Hemp
In midsummer, hemp silk scarf becomes Jacqueline's most comfortable choice. There is no more noble and refined temperament than hemp silk scarf. The silk scarf of this material feels fresh and comfortable to wear with any summer clothes. If you happen to be an ol in air-conditioned environment for a long time, then a hemp silk scarf is more like a "fashion bodyguard" for you, which is not only beautiful, but also can resist the damage of air-conditioning to the neck and shoulders.
Hemp silk scarves are easy to fold, but it is also its casual and natural fold that reflects the romantic noble style of the wearer. During storage, the silk scarf should be folded gently, not pressed by heavy objects, so as not to produce dead pleats that cannot be smoothed.

Autumn - Cotton
In the cool autumn, cotton scarves are Jacqueline's most intimate and comfortable choice. Cotton silk scarf can help you resist the autumn wind, its lightweight fabric will not cover up your charm in the thick material. This feature creates a stage to show the leisure style for cotton scarves. Therefore, a cotton scarf is a good choice for you whether you are going out to play or gathering friends.
It should be noted that the cotton scarves dyed with herbal dyes have fading phenomenon during cleaning, so do not mix them with other clothes to avoid being dyed.

Cold winter - Pashmina
Pashmina is the Persian word for wool. Its hierarchy is more advanced than cashmere, which we often hear, so it is more gentle and warm. Its warm keeping function is eight times that of ordinary wool scarf. Pashmina is the thinnest, softest and warmest wool in the world. It comes from the unique goat (Capra hircus) growing in the Himalayas above 4500 meters above sea level, especially from the shoulder and abdomen of the sheep. Therefore, the wool is particularly smooth. After cleaning, the wool should be hand brushed into thin to almost transparent yarn, then 30% silk as weft, 70% Pashmina yarn as warp, hand woven into shawl, and then dyed. If you add a rusty design, it will take a year to make a shawl. The Pashmina shawl is light, elegant and easy to carry. It can be called the most expensive fashion bodyguard. It makes a woman's elegance as natural in the cold winter.
The noble Pashmina Scarf should be kept clean when wearing. Use soft electrostatic brush to brush gently along the direction of the hair head, so as to remove the dust, prevent the potential of moths, and make the hair smooth. If stained, wash in time. Pay attention to shading during storage to prevent fading.

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