How to distinguish between genuine and fake silk scarves


First, judge from the price The price of real silk fabr […]

First, judge from the price

The price of real silk fabric is more than double that of chemical fiber and artificial silk satin; generally, the price of a silk scarf is at least hundreds of yuan, not a few yuan or tens of yuan.

Second, look at the luster of the silk scarf

Silk has light-absorbing properties, looks smooth and does not have a mirror surface, has a soft and even luster, and is pearly, bright but not glaring; while rayon fabrics are bright but not soft.

Third, feel the feel of the silk scarf
The silk fabric feels soft and elegant, the silk threads are denser, and there will be wrinkles when grasping by hand. The higher the purity and the higher the density, the better the silk feel. Although the silk fabric has been treated with de-hardening, the hand feel is smoother and softer, but not Crisp, dark silk surface, no pearl luster;

Fourth, judge by crease

When the silk is squeezed tightly and then released, there is no crease due to its good elasticity. Rayon fabrics have obvious creases after being pinched, and the creases are difficult to restore to their original shape.

Fifth, fiber tension

Pull out a few fibers at the edge of the fabric and wet it with your tongue. If the wetted part is fragile, it will be rayon; otherwise, it will be a silk fabric.

Sixth, the sound of friction

The surface of the silk is protected by sericin and is abrasion resistant. When rubbing against each other, it will make a sound, so it is called "silk sound" or "silk sound"; chemical fiber products have no sound.

Seventh, water identification method

The silk is immediately soaked in water. When conditions permit, take a corner of the silk scarf and pour a little water on the silk scarf. The scarf is immediately saturated with water and sticks to the skin is silk.

Eighth, the combustion method

Pull out part of the yarn to burn, the silk can not see the open flame, it has the smell of burnt hair, the silk ashes become black particles, which can be crushed by hand; the artificial silk will catch fire and smell of plastic, and the edge will leave hard after the fire is extinguished. Glue block.


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