How to knit a twill stitch scarf?


Make yourself a scarf when you go out in winter, which […]

Make yourself a scarf when you go out in winter, which is both fashionable and warm. Some people like to knit a scarf by yourself, so it is more warm to wear. There are many styles of scarves. Today, I will introduce a weaving method of a twill stitch scarf. The scarf is simple and elegant, and many people like this style of scarf. The following editor summarizes the weaving method of the twill stitch scarf with us. The detailed process is as follows:

There are many styles of scarves, and people's preferences are also different. Some people like long ones, while others like short ones; there are different styles of scarves, including pullovers and scarves; some people like frivolous ones to wear as decorations, and some people like them Thick, good thermal performance. So many styles of scarves can be woven with twill needles. It can be seen that this stitch method is deeply loved by us. Let's introduce the weaving method of twill needle scarves:

First of all, according to the width of the scarf you want to knit, design the number of stitches to start the first row of stitches. For example, take 18 stitches as an example: count the number of stitches at the beginning and end, and the calculation method is: 2*8=16 stitches. Add the starting and ending stitches, there are 18 stitches in total, so the calculation method for an 18-stitch scarf as an example is 2*8+2=18 stitches. The approximate width of an 18-needle scarf is 17 cm. How wide you want to knit a scarf can be calculated according to this stitch method. The calculation method of the beginning of the twill needle scarf is also the same.

The second step, the weaving method of the twill needle scarf is not good, the oblique direction of the front and reverse cotton is exactly opposite, the following shows us the process of slanting the front to the left. Positive stitches, two reverse stitches, two positive stitches at the back, two reverse stitches, the next row, start with one stitch and one wrong stitch, and then two reverse stitches and two positive stitches, as long as the direction is well grasped, the knitting time Optimistic about the positive and negative needles. After knitting the front side, then knitting is not good, and if it is not good, knitting to the right, when knitting to the right, first make a wrong stitch to the right, and still follow the knitting method of two reverse stitches and two straight stitches. When knitting two positive and two reverse needles, you must remember to wind the thread. In this way, the front is woven, and the weaving is not good, and the length of the scarf is determined according to each person's favorite length.

After all, the editor reminds us that the weaving method of twill stitch scarves must remember that there are positives and negatives. If the front is to the right, then one stitch to the right is wrong. One stitch, two stitches straight, two stitches backwards, so a twill stitch scarf is knitted.

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