How to match cashmere scarf with clothes


How does cashmere scarf look good 1. Basic shawl What a […]

How does cashmere scarf look good
1. Basic shawl
What are the methods of cashmere scarf? Scarf draped in front of the skirt, although not very warm, but natural and casual effect seems to be very pull bang. However, the length of this scarf must be above the knee, too long not only makes you short, but also drags your action.

2. One circle system
A loop tie is a loop around the neck, and then the two ends of the scarf casually over the body. Different materials of scarves have different effects, this method is applicable to each material of scarves. Flat breasted girl put the scarf into it, and immediately she will have a proud bust.
3. Forward backward crossing method
What are the ways to tie a cashmere scarf? Front and back cross method is also called half circle method. This method is free and uninhibited. The disadvantage is that the scarf is always tied unsteadily and easy to fall off.
4. One knot method
This kind of knot method is a simple knot. It's a favorite knot method for lazy people. Once you learn it, the effect looks more artistic.
5. Two circle one knot method
Two circles and one knot method refers to two circles and then knot. This method needs a little thinner scarf to achieve. This method is not recommended for too large wool scarves and cashmere scarves.
6. Superposition method
Two scarves superimposed together, first of all, the two scarves must look good together. At the beginning, you can choose black, white, gray or the same color, which is simple and easy to produce effect.
How to match cashmere scarf with clothes
1. The color of the clothes and the color of the cashmere scarf should have a large color difference, so as to set off the layering of the clothes and scarf. Light color cashmere scarf should be matched with dark knitted sweater, light color knitted sweater should be matched with dark cashmere scarf, so it is more beautiful.
2. How to match cashmere scarf with clothes? If it's a thin suit, it can't match with a thick cashmere scarf. Cashmere scarf can only match with a heavy suit.
3. When the clothes are too heavy or too large, it is recommended to match with cashmere scarf. Because the clothes are too heavy, the whole person is easy to be buried in the clothes, and it seems to be procrastinating, especially for the large version with rigid material, the shape is three-dimensional, and it is difficult to fit the body. In this case, with a cashmere scarf, you can make the whole look less bloated.

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