How to wash a silk scarf


How to wash a silk scarf! It is a difficult problem. Le […]

How to wash a silk scarf! It is a difficult problem. Let’s talk about the classic ornament of silk scarves, as a member of the fashion industry, who has never been willing to calm down. Its beauty lies in turning its head anytime and anywhere, from fresh and cheerful to mature and beautiful, from quiet and graceful to elegant and elegant. Although it is only a small piece of cloth, it is indeed an indispensable decoration in a lady's wardrobe.

So how do you wash a silk scarf?

First put the silk fabric scarf in cool water for 5-10 minutes, rub it gently with the silk fabric detergent used for the brick, and then soak it in cold water how many times, remember not to twist it hard after washing to prevent wrinkles. The whole process of washing is absolutely not suitable for alkaline detergents, soaps, laundry detergents and disinfectants, and must be removed with masculine detergents. Do not use hot water up to 30 degrees for cleaning. Silk fabric scarves will inevitably be decolored when they are removed. In order to keep the silk fabric tones fresh and soft, it is necessary to add a small amount of white rice vinegar during soaking. Shake the scarf gently when drying, and dry it in a cool, shady place. It is not suitable to heat and dry with dryer equipment, nor to expose to the sun. If you must iron, you can continue ironing at a medium temperature below 150 degrees when it is 70% to 80% dry.

How to deal with the yellowing of silk fabric scarf after wearing it for a long time?

You can put the yellowed silk fabric scarf into the clean and tidy rice washing water. If it turns yellow due to sweat, you can choose to use winter melon juice to remove it clean and tidy

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