Minimalist cashmere scarf, keep you warm out of the street


1.Run silk elegant white plaid cashmere scarf Fresh che […]

1.Run silk elegant white plaid cashmere scarf

Fresh checkered cashmere scarf
Pure wool twill white plaid scarf, exuding fashion and elegance. The fine texture is comfortable and natural, showing elegance. The refreshing colors make it easy and effortless to match. You can't imagine it as soft as a lamb and warm as a lamb.

2.oysho British cashmere scarf

Check cashmere scarf
For the material, choose fresh live fleece with a fineness of 14.5 microns and a length of 30 cm. In terms of color, plant dip dyeing is used to obtain a more natural color, thereby avoiding the harm caused by chemical dyeing to the human body. Thereby ensuring the quality of each scarf. Cashmere embraces the skin in a sensual way.

3.Lingke shawl dual-use cashmere scarf

Color block cashmere scarf
Wool yarn-dyed checkered design, interlaced warp and weft, visually comfortable color matching. Australian blackface chevrot wool is slender and soft, with fine texture and super warmth retention. It is neither thin nor thick, light and warm, and does not feel bloated when worn. While keeping warm, it is a versatile artifact.

4.Yipin light and versatile cashmere scarf

Ink green wool scarf
Contrasting color design, let the colorful colors set off the skin tone. High-density parallel weaving process, plush processing, make the scarf more fluffy, warm, comfortable and skin-friendly. High-quality comfortable fabrics not only have good strength, but also take into account good breathability. The skin breathes more freely.

5.Charolais gradient cashmere scarf

Blue gradient scarf
Select fresh live sheep fleece of 14-16 microns. The delicate and smooth experience is warmer than a hug and softer than a kiss. The natural plant thorn fruit is raised and processed to create an unusually smooth touch. The hand-twisted tassels are neatly cut, distinct, and full of beautiful rhythm.

6.Comfortable Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf

Comfortable houndstooth scarf
It can be used as a scarf or as a shawl. It is stylish and warm and stylish. 100% high-quality pure wool woven, moisture resistance and warmth are more soft and comfortable. The length and width of 230*80cm is enough to meet various shapes in autumn and winter, and the weight of 280 grams gives you a full sense of security!

7.Run silk beige leopard cashmere scarf

Jacquard lamb cashmere scarf
The pure wool fleece scarf can not only keep warm in winter, it is also a versatile item in all seasons. The texture is firm, the body is stiff, and it looks more youthful when worn on the body. High-quality fabrics, soft, make people love it.

8.Lingke Fashion British Style Cashmere Scarf

Classic plaid cashmere scarf
The Inner Mongolia Plateau is located at 45 degrees north latitude, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine and a temperature difference of 30 degrees Celsius between day and night. The supply of natural pastures is abundant, and the plush produced here is pure and fine, beginning with nature. Soft, comfortable and delicate workmanship, it looks more temperament when draped on the shoulders. Rely on it to keep warm in winter.

9.European and American shawl dual-use cashmere scarf

All-match cashmere scarf
A scarf full of Nordic style, with a tight and thick texture, it will keep you warm in winter. Use high-quality wool and don't feel too good. Soft and comfortable, very comfortable to wear. In addition to using such a scarf by yourself, it is also very considerate for giving away.

10.Neonti thick warm cashmere scarf

Pink beaded scarf
Plant mineral dyeing, soft tones. Hand-embroidered by Indian masters and beaded sequins, this scarf is full of highlights and more fashionable. Exquisite scarves, unique exotic style, let people enjoy the genuine pleasure of arriving at a fair price. How to match the versatile styles is fashionable.

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