• What is a jacquard scarf

    What is a jacquard scarf

    The concave-convex pattern of the textile is composed of interlaced warp and weft threads. The jacquard machine can propose a pattern to the cotton yarn, and the cotton yarn of inferior quality cannot propose a formed pattern. The jacquard is also divided into plain jacquard scarves and twill jacqua... read more

    Mar 17,2022 Industry News
  • Features of cashmere scarf

    Features of cashmere scarf

    Cashmere Features 1. Precious as gold: Cashmere is the wool at the root of the wool and the fleece above the skin is called cashmere. It is a very precious textile raw material with low content, high quality and high price. It enjoys the reputation of "soft gold" in the international market. 2. Soft... read more

    Mar 10,2022 Industry News
  • How should wool scarves be cleaned?

    How should wool scarves be cleaned?

    Cashmere products are best washed with cashmere lotions, which can not only restore the elasticity of cashmere, but also have the effect of preventing moths. Cashmere lotion products are generally available in supermarkets, and a few are not very expensive. How to wash woolen scarves, when washing w... read more

    Mar 04,2022 Industry News
  • How to properly handle the edge of a wool scarf

    How to properly handle the edge of a wool scarf

    When wool scarves are produced, because the raw material is pure wool, some chemical fibers will be mixed in order to reduce the cost. The raw materials of chemical fibers are harder than wool. for this reason. Usually in the production of wool scarves, the edge is a more difficult place to deal wit... read more

    Feb 22,2022 Industry News
  • Tips for Fabric and Color of Scarf

    Tips for Fabric and Color of Scarf

    After the winter, scarves can be said to be one of the best in terms of eye-catching ability in modeling, and they also have a strong ability to keep out the cold. However, you may have overlooked the knowledge in tying scarves. Now let's take a look at what knowledge points you have to master! 1.Fa... read more

    Feb 19,2022 Industry News