Scarf and his love


The stars outside the window are already flashing, turn […]

The stars outside the window are already flashing, turn off the computer, turn off the lights, and bring the door. Today she is the last person to leave the company. The oncoming cool breeze made her tremble a few times, and she wrapped her windbreaker and was about to go forward. At this moment, someone from behind gently wrapped a scarf for her. She looked back and saw that she was beloved.

01 She looked at him whose nose was a little red from the cold. She was touched and distressed, and she groaned: "Why don't you call me in advance? How cold is it to wait outside here!" The mohair scarf made a nice shape and became satisfied.

02 "I want to give you a surprise..." He gently stroked her face and said with love. Her eyes met his eyes, she blushed suddenly, and she lowered her head, not knowing what to say. She used to be a famous noble and cold beauty in the workplace, and the overbearing yellow is her favorite. Now she has become the little sheep in his arms.

03 He turned out to be a male peacock with gorgeous feathers and an aloof posture, but after meeting her, somehow, he gradually reduced his edge, became more and more considerate and meticulous, and cared for her in every possible way, just like today. Waited silently for three hours, just to wrap her a scarf in time.

04 Sometimes, love is inexplicable, as if Cupid shot an arrow secretly, and the two of them instantly developed a strong love. They met because of a veil, which was also a windy day. He picked up the veil she had placed on the table in the outdoor cafe. So Cupid descended.

05 Although their personalities are quite different, the closer distance makes their habits gradually become similar, and they get along more harmoniously. One is cold and hard black, and the other is pure and unblemished white. There is a gray middle zone, which is so coordinated with their tempers, habits, and ways of doing things.

06 Mature love should be the warmth that gives people harmony, no longer the boys and girls who were ignorant when they were young, because of a small matter, they would be quarrelsome. Just like the thick woolen yarn in the winter, it is tightly wound and interspersed to become the thickest and warmest scarf, enclosing the neck and enclosing love.

07 "Hey! What are you thinking about? I was so ecstatic." He patted her on the shoulder, then hugged her, instantly infected by his body temperature, comfortable and warm. In fact, no matter whether the scarf is made of cashmere, pure cotton, or rabbit fur, for a woman, it cannot compare to the embrace of his beloved.


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