The scarf of cooling and keeping warm


The weather forecast is not good at all! It is said tha […]

The weather forecast is not good at all! It is said that the fine to cloudy, said that the temperature is appropriate, said that the rain is swelling ah ah! Awesome weather suck suck, and the temperature is not suck. The only comfort is that the delivery is more powerful. The necessary scarf artifact has already arrived.

01 contrast color stitching Mohair scarf. The store is not rigidly bound to the same color contrast, developed other color system, blue is very good.

02 November is already the tail of 14 years, and the beginning of winter is in the blink of an eye. But! On the street is still woolen coat or thick coat as the mainstream. At this time, if you want to take into account the temperature, the role of scarves and children's shoes will be reflected. When there is wind, it will be wrapped tightly, and when the sun comes out, it will be loosely tied.

03 Of course, it's better to have a longer scarf. It's not just that you can wrap it around several times when it's cold. A long scarf is more convenient for concave shape. Solid color scarf is a good match for various styles of clothes, tassel and smooth are simple version.

04 the leaves of the Indus trees fall all over the ground, and are chapped by the cold wind and the cold rain. At this time, they can always arouse people's deep feelings of literature and art. Simple pure color scarf, adding a little vertical knitting, inadvertently exposed when winding, is the nostalgic literature and art that can not be erased.

05 scarf if always knitting wool is not a bit boring, sometimes you will want a distinctive scarf, and even wish that it does not need to be versatile. The rabbit hair of the same color is stitched on the knitting. It looks like a big fur collar encircles itself. It is a bit luxurious and elegant. What's more, it is versatile!

06 Dear, it's windy. I don't know if you have an extra dress to resist the cold wind. See such lattice scarf can not help but think of you, with a little lively sense of regularity, like your mature and stable appearance hidden under a restless childlike innocence.

07 Ah, of course, if it's a smart girl, she can also play another role in the scarf. The warm love brand scarf woven by hand is too much for money to measure. Fluffy and soft coral wool has beautiful colors. You can also dry all kinds of cute things by hand.

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