The simplest European and American style collocation


The simplest European and American style collocation MM […]

The simplest European and American style collocation

MM who likes European and American dressing styles should prepare a few decent scarves in this autumn and winter. Use simple clothes with different scarves, and let the scarf be the focus of the whole body. This kind of dress is definitely the simplest European and American style match.

  01 Block square silk scarf, suitable for knitwear and outerwear

  02 The fringe-like scarf is the most IN style this year, red and light-colored tops are full of vitality

  03 Mercerized material, first choice for mature women

  04 The chaotic color is mainly emerald green, which is fashionable and graceful

  05 The British checkered pattern is mixed with a variety of colors, elegant and energetic

  06 Lightweight thin knit, multi-layered colors add a sense of fashion

  07 The pattern and color like a sky full of stars are the highlight of the whole body

  08 Horizontal stripes gray, synonymous with elegance

  09 Flower pattern, strong artistic atmosphere and unconventional

  10 Map-like colors and patterns create a distinctive effect

  11 The brown silk scarf always reveals the beauty of the atmosphere, and the silky texture shows a touch of femininity

  12 The green silk scarf, the whole body exudes youthful brilliance and vitality

  13 soft pink series to create an elegant woman


   1. Good materials give the scarf a good drape, and it will be beautiful when it is surrounded, so don't buy it cheaply and wait for it.

  2. It is also very important to pay attention to the details of a scarf. Since it is the focus of the whole body, some scarfs with beautiful tassels, or unique patterns, and obvious cross-contrast effects are all good styles.

  3. It can also be matched with a solid color scarf, then the main color of your jacket should be the same color as the scarf color but slightly different.

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