What are the scarf fabrics? Which is comfortable?


In addition to the function of preventing the cold, the […]

In addition to the function of preventing the cold, the scarf also has a good decorative effect. In the cold winter, we often see people in the streets and alleys wearing the scarf. In addition to the design style, the scarf is also very particular about the choice of fabrics. A scarf made of good fabrics will be more comfortable and warmer after being wrapped. This is why some scarfs with similar styles have far different prices. Let me introduce you to the two problems of common scarf fabrics and which fabrics make scarves more comfortable.

Wool scarves: This is one of the most popular scarves on the market. Everyone knows that wool has a good warmth retention effect. In addition, wool feels soft and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to stick on the neck without irritating the skin. The price of a general wool scarf It will cost more than 1,000 yuan, so learn to distinguish the authenticity when buying a scarf.

Cashmere scarf: Cashmere is a layer of fine velvet covering the skin of sheep. It is more precious than wool, and the price will naturally be more expensive than wool scarf. Cashmere has better warmth retention than wool. The suede is very delicate and feels very comfortable. Suitable for making scarves.

Imitation cashmere scarf: Because cashmere is more precious and not everyone can consume, imitation cashmere scarf has become a good substitute, and the imitation cashmere component is cheaper acrylic fiber, although its comfort is not as good as cashmere, But it is loved by consumers by virtue of its price advantage. One or two hundred yuan can buy a good cashmere scarf.

Wool blending: That is, wool is blended with other fibers. Acrylic is common here. This method is also to reduce the production cost of the scarf. The comfort is not as good as wool but the overall performance will be better than that of spinning cashmere.

The above is some knowledge of the finished scarf fabrics. The several fabrics mentioned above are sold, and interested friends can check it out.

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