What kind of scarf would you like to give to your girlfriend


I want to give my girlfriend a scarf, but the girl's sk […]

I want to give my girlfriend a scarf, but the girl's skin is sensitive, so I want to give her a scarf with a material that doesn't have that tingling feeling, but that is soft, comfortable and warm.

There are many kinds of scarves. Let's see what kind of clothes to wear.
If it's a student, and it's going to be winter, it's suggested to buy knitted fabric or wool (the pure color sweaters are sold in general good sweater stores, but the price is a little higher.)
If it's office workers, the options can be wider. Silk, knitting, wool and so on.
If you want her to wear it often, you can buy knitted or wool ones. If it's to commemorate a certain day, or if you want to send something that looks good, buy silk.
Do not have to go to the scarf store to buy, because those are more common is not fashionable enough. You can go to the exclusive clothing store to buy accessories scarves. The general style is more fashionable. Many women's clothing stores have matching scarves this season.
Skin sensitive girlfriend, you use the skin inside your wrist to test whether the scarf will stimulate the skin. It's good to be soft and not itchy.

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