When it's cold, this scarf can make your coat fashionable


On such a cold day, scarves are really indispensable. C […]

On such a cold day, scarves are really indispensable. Cashmere scarves that people like to add are "the best way to deal with a sudden drop in temperature.".Many people think that the main function of the scarf is to keep warm. In fact, the scarf is a good accessory. Scarves, whether combined with sweaters or with coats, are warm in winter.

Winter coat can be said to be a must-have item for many girls, but the big bug of the coat is that the V-neck design on the chest is not wind resistant at all. At this time, the decoration of a scarf is just enough.

Cashmere scarves with different shades can soften a stiff coat, and even leather clothes can be softened under the decoration of cashmere scarves.Scarf can not only match with coat, but also add points to sweater when you take off coat. Slim sweater with a scarf casual, lazy personality; knitting with thick cashmere is like a cup of hot chocolate in winter, sweet and warm.

How to choose the color
Solid color scarf is the best choice. The right color can achieve the perfect effect of "lighting" winter coat.
Many overcoats are mainly earth color and black. The light gray and haze blue, which are cool and not dull, can make camel color more bright, and also make black instantly brilliant. They are the first choice in winter.

The warm color is suitable for the white sister. The most common is the earth color, which can be matched without error; and the color of the puff is the representative of the soft girl. It is worn on the neck as if it has a soft light. No matter how serious the jacket is, it can be gentle several times under its background.

Plaid scarf is also a hot topic in autumn and winter every year. From the classic color matching in England to the jump color plaid, how to build it is the tone of energetic girl.

There are two ways to tie a bow scarf, one is a more casual binding method, which is suitable for relaxed knitting dress; the other is a more neat bow decorative coat, which is excellent.


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