Why are cashmere scarves expensive? How to choose cashmere scarves


Why are cashmere scarves expensive? How to choose a cas […]

Why are cashmere scarves expensive? How to choose a cashmere scarf? The output of cashmere is very small. A goat can only produce 120-170 grams of cashmere a year. It takes a whole year to produce a pure cashmere scarf. This is why cashmere is known as "soft gold." Or the reason for the "fiber gem".
Cashmere is different from wool. Cashmere is a layer of soft hair that grows from the goat’s long hair roots in the winter to keep out the cold. It will not fall off until the weather becomes warm in spring. Before falling off, farmers will use special iron. Comb to gather the cashmere. Cashmere is a slender and curved fiber that can form an air layer to defend against cold air.

How to choose a cashmere scarf:
1. You should buy the manufacturer's brand recognized by the country with stable quality, and also carefully check whether the cashmere content is marked, and check whether the product's trademark, tag, size label, certificate, buckle, line, packaging box (bag), etc. are complete .
2. It is best to buy from a large shopping mall or professional store. When buying, you should choose a brand that emphasizes reputation, quality, and taste. This can save a lot of trouble and worries. Don't just choose cashmere products without a factory address, trademark, and content.
3. Observe its color. The color of pure cashmere scarf is soft and mellow, and bright and bright is not the color of cashmere products.
4. Observe product quality. The high-quality cashmere scarf has a soft appearance, a plump suede, and a layer of fine velvet on the surface. The horizontal and vertical coils have a uniform density, which is more obvious if you look at them under bright light.

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