Although cashmere is "expensive", it is worth having Cashmere scarf


When it comes to keeping warm in winter, we immediately […]

When it comes to keeping warm in winter, we immediately think of wool? No, it looks like cashmere?

Cashmere scarf or wool? It is often confused and mistaken that cashmere is fine wool. Therefore, there are often scarves playing "word games", and when they are wrapped around the neck, they find that they are not as comfortable and warm as they imagined.

Wool comes from sheep and is the outer coat. Cashmere comes from the neck and abdomen of goats, and is a rare animal fiber close to the epidermis. A sheep can harvest several kilograms of wool, while a goat can only produce nearly 100 grams of cashmere every year.

And the performance of the two is very different. You must know that cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool, but only one-fifth of the weight. Therefore, the cashmere scarf is not only warm and delicate, but also light as nothing, as if you are surrounded by gentle clouds.

If all the cashmere produced in the world every year is used to make scarves, about 2,500 people can share 1 piece, so it is regarded as a synonym for taste and nobility.

In addition, the origin of cashmere is also related to the quality of cashmere scarves.

70% of cashmere is produced in Inner Mongolia, and its quality is better than other countries. To find high-quality cashmere producing areas in Inner Mongolia, Alxa must be among them. Winter in Alxa is not only windy but also very cold, with temperatures often below -30°C. In order to keep out the cold, goats will grow a soft inner layer of fluff on the epidermis. These fluff are composed of thin and curved fibers, forming an air layer to prevent cold air, so as to retain body temperature and survive the cold winter.

When we selected the raw material cashmere wool for this scarf and shawl, it was a matter of grams. Even a small scarf is the amount of fluff for 2-3 goats a year.

Although cashmere is "expensive", it is worth having. The best materials often only require simple styles. Because it is simple, it can especially show the texture

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