Various ways of wearing large shawl scarves


A shawl is not only for decoration, but also for keepin […]

A shawl is not only for decoration, but also for keeping warm. Here are a few ways to tie a shawl.

Fold the diagonal corners of the scarf and drape it directly over your shoulders, making it a small cloak.

There is also a way of tying, which is similar to the previous one, but only requires a belt. After putting it on, put on the belt, it is a small coat.

Fold the shawl in half diagonally, then in half again, so that a triangular scarf is formed.

Method/Step 2

Fold the large shawl along the length of the strip, and the large shawl becomes a small scarf.

The shawl is looped around the neck, and finally the joints on both sides are hidden.

If you are in a hurry to go to work, you can go around while walking. The easiest way is to wrap the shawl around your neck, and then put the joint part into the loop of the shawl.

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