How about a cashmere scarf made of Inner Mongolia cashmere yarn?


How about a cashmere scarf made of Inner Mongolia cashm […]

How about a cashmere scarf made of Inner Mongolia cashmere yarn? Cashmere scarves made of cashmere yarns are a good product in scarf products. The important reason why cashmere scarves are expensive is that cashmere raw materials are scarce, and the more scarce they are, the more expensive they are. People's acceptance of high cashmere scarves is getting wider and wider, and cashmere scarves are no longer limited to a few people, so the demand for cashmere scarves will be in short supply. Inner Mongolia, as the origin of cashmere, has good quality cashmere scarves and is very popular among consumers.

Cashmere production is extremely limited. A cashmere goat produces 50-80 grams of lint-free (net lint after removal of impurities) per year. An average of five pieces of cashmere is enough to make an ordinary cashmere sweater. In the world, cashmere goats mainly grow in the cold and semi-desert areas of northern China, Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan. The global cashmere output is only about 10,000 tons, accounting for 0.2% of the total animal fiber. China's cashmere production accounts for 60% of the world's total production, and Inner Mongolia's production accounts for 60% of the country's total.

Among them, the western Inner Mongolia has good fleece quality, long length and fine fineness, and is praised as the best casem at home and abroad. In 1985, it won the Italian Cigner Fluff Production Award. Europeans and Americans call it "fiber diamond" and Japanese call it "soft gold". Inner Mongolia cashmere scarf is the best product in cashmere scarf.

300 grams of flowers (Black Simple Warm Scarf)

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