How to identify cashmere scarves and their characteristics


Cashmere scarves, as the name suggests, are scarves mad […]

Cashmere scarves, as the name suggests, are scarves made of cashmere as raw materials.
Cashmere is natural soft gold, which keeps warm better than wool. A high-end product. If such a good thing is dyed with chemical dyes, it is undoubtedly a waste.
Using natural dyes and hand-dyed dyeing is not only environmentally friendly, but also softer in color and higher in quality.
Compared with wool, the coloring rate is not as good as wool. It is mainly because the scales of cashmere cannot be opened, and dark colors should not be colored. Folding cleaning process
1. Put the cashmere scarf in a warm water basin. No cashmere scarf.
2. Pour in a little (the amount we normally use for shampooing) our daily shampoo.
3. Knead the shampoo and tap it a few times on the cashmere scarf.
4. Wash off the shampoo from the cashmere scarf with water. Wrap it in a towel and put it in the washing machine to dry.
5. Take it out and lay it flat, preferably on the bed, because the cashmere scarf is almost completely dry at this time.
6. Woven scarves have a longer suede, we call it Changshun, and the direction of the velvet is towards the fringed side of the scarf. After washing, use a brush to brush the suede towards the direction of the suede, it will be beautiful The texture is also good, otherwise it is as ugly as weeds growing on the scarf. After brushing and smoothing, you can also iron it with an iron, but in the direction of the hair tip.
Remember three things:
1. Do not wring dry by hand
2. Remember not to hang
3. Jacquard or multi-color cashmere scarves should not be soaked, and cashmere scarves of different colors should not be washed together to avoid dyeing.
1. Precious as gold: Cashmere is the fleece at the root of wool and above the skin. It is called cashmere. It is a very precious textile raw material with low content, high quality and high price. It enjoys the reputation of 300 grams of scarf "soft gold" in the international market.
2. Soft texture and soft luster: The cashmere scarf has the excellent characteristics of being delicate, soft and smooth, and the silk-like soft and bright natural luster is attractive.
3. Lightweight and warm: The fineness of cashmere fiber is about 15 microns, so the fabric texture is dense and thin, and it has natural curls, light and air, so it has good heat preservation.
4. Comfortable and elastic, the cashmere scarf has good hygroscopicity and breathability. It is comfortable around the neck, has a unique feel, and is rich in natural color.
5. Health care: Cashmere scarves can promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation, and help reduce fatigue and health care.

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