How to wash brushed fabrics


Brushed scarf fabric introduction: Wool brushed fabrics […]

Brushed scarf fabric introduction:

Wool brushed fabrics include brushed sweaters, scarves, squares, neck covers, velvet caps, etc. The texture is mostly acrylic products, followed by pure wool. Acrylic fiber has the characteristics of electrostatic dust collection, and the fluff is easy to accumulate dust. If washed improperly, brushed clothes are easy to deform, shrink and harden, lose elasticity, and more make the fluff lodging, affecting the softness and fluffy.

How to wash brushed fabrics:

Dissolve neutral washing powder or soap flakes with hot water, stir well, and use cold water to adjust to about 30 degrees. First soak the clothes with clean water, then put them in the washing liquid and rub them up and down repeatedly to make the dirt in the fluff flow out. For places with more dirt on the collar and cuffs, you can also rub some soap and wash it with your hands. After washing, the clothes should be cleaned with clean water, and then squeezed to remove the moisture. Do not twist strongly. It is best to lay them flat when drying, and stroke them from top to bottom with your hands to make the fluff initially smooth. When Qicheng is dry, use a soft brush to brush the velvet to make it smooth, and then hang it on a hanger until it is completely dry. In this way, the plush is not only fluffy and new, but also the shape of the clothes is unchanged. If there is no time to smooth down and the laundry is completely dry, you can smoke it on the steam, brush it immediately when it is wet, or smooth the fluff.

If the brushed scarf is dirty, you can soak it in cold water first, then put it in warm water, add detergent to gently rub and wash, then wash it several times in clean water of the same temperature, and finally put a little vinegar in cold water, soak for 1 After about a minute, pick it up by hand, dry it with a spinning bucket or gently wring it out by hand, and dry it in a cool place. After drying, use a soft brush to gently brush along the plush. In this way, the fleece of the brushed scarf is soft and swollen, and the luster is not reduced.

Pay special attention when washing brushed scarves, that is, use water that is too high in temperature, otherwise the scarf will easily become hard.

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