Hundreds of scarves, in the Mood for Love


   A ray of sunshine, a scarf, and a bowl of chicken so […]

   A ray of sunshine, a scarf, and a bowl of chicken soup can probably be ranked as the warmest things in autumn. There is only one sun, there are about three or five ways to make chicken soup, and the style of the scarf is countless until dawn. Just like you in the Mood for Love, blooming differently every moment.

  01 No matter you are ingenious, or free and easy, a red scarf can make N kinds of changes. I love to put it on my shoulders to keep out the cold or sunscreen. The designer has carefully added two hollows for you to wear arms; I love to wrap directly around my shoulders to keep out the wind, soft and skin-friendly, just like a coquettish little animal.

        02 Different patterns hide different thoughts. The mysterious purple reveals the romantic temperament of the bow, while the rose red is much softer. Two red clouds fly on the face, and they are not known to be covered by the wool + silk scarf. The warmth was because of the approving smile from him when he saw his favorite.

  03 Long scarf? Seen a lot. But to be honest, a 3-meter long scarf that grows exaggerated and grows wayward is still very rare. The enchanting rose purple is a fragrant wild rose, exuding a willful and strong temperament. It can be draped or wrapped or covered or tied. It can even be worn as a dress, whatever you want. Like its name, it is a wild child.

  04 The magical power of the cloak was given to the big scarf to create this wonderful combination of two in one design. Preserving the texture and context of the striped scarf, the fringe hanging on the side is embellished with a little ethnic customs, giving the girl's face more time polished charm, and the indescribable beauty is gradually fermenting.

  05 Let us return to the most primitive use of the scarf, simply hang it around the neck, and the handicapped party can be beautiful. To unlock this basic mode, you need to find the featureless basic model in the closet first, and then choose the scarf pattern you like at will to complete it. It is so quick and convenient that it is outrageous~

        06 The advanced encircling method is actually very easy. It is almost like shaking the scarf away from your hands and putting it on your shoulders. Lift up the place where you like to go down. The pursuit is this kind of "almost get it" frivolousness. With a sense of randomness. Not to mention, with a hat and sunglasses, passers-by must have thought it was a "microservice private visit" by a big-name actress.

  07 A further advanced method of circumvention originated from the show and street shooting. Once disclosed by the media, it captured the hearts of many fashionistas. Although you need a belt to match, it is actually super simple. It is nothing more than choosing a scarf and shawl with a length and width that fits your figure. You can fold the lapel like a model, or you can keep the natural folds and tie the thin belt around your waist. , Wear a good mood.

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