What are the ways to tie silk scarves?


What are the ways to tie silk scarves? Want to learn a […]

What are the ways to tie silk scarves? Want to learn a beautiful and practical silk scarf tie?

Concise professional attire, and the tie of silk scarves should not be matched with fancy and flamboyant. The single product of the printed scarf is already very good, individual but unassuming! It is symmetrically placed around the neck, suitable for mature beauties in casual occasions!

How to tie plain clothes with plain silk scarves. The same color contrast matching method can be used, such as a black dress with a neutral color silk scarf, which has a strong overall sense, but inadvertent matching will cause the overall color to be dim; you can also use a contrasting color matching method of different colors; in addition, use the same color but different The texture matching method is also very coordinated.

The method of matching plain clothes with printed silk scarves. The most fundamental guiding principle is that there must be at least one color on the silk scarf that is the same as the color of the clothes.

How to tie a silk scarf for formal occasions: A small square scarf is tied with a slipknot on the side, showing the intellectual color! Even if you are wearing a rigid suit, you can immediately point out your fashion!

When there are prints on clothes and silk scarves, the color matching of silk scarves must be divided into "main" and "secondary" points. If clothes and silk scarves are directional printing, the printing of silk scarves should avoid repeating with the printing of clothes, and also avoid the stripes and lattices of clothes in the same direction. Simple stripes or plaid clothes are more suitable for non-directional printed silk scarves.

How to tie silk scarves when traveling: you want a big scarf without obstructing your activities, so knotting is the first choice! A big scarf seems to be like a piece of clothing on the body, and the visual sense is excellent!

How to tie printed clothes with plain silk scarves. You can choose one of the colors on the clothes print as the silk scarf color. Or, choose the most obvious color on the clothes, and use the contrast of this color to choose a suitable silk scarf. Both methods work well.

The method of silk scarf when learning: a long large scarf is wrapped around and knotted on the side. It is warm without obstructing the vision, and the overall feeling is very simple. It is suitable for use in class or retreat!

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