The scenery on the neck is also charming


The cold wind was raging, and the neck refused to be ba […]

The cold wind was raging, and the neck refused to be bald, because that not only gave the cold an opportunity, but also couldn’t make the overall look come alive instantly. No matter how beautiful you are, you always feel that something is missing. By the way, you just lack a scarf. Or bibs, plus them, the situation has changed.

01 It’s no wonder the girls are too troublesome. Buying scarves is indeed a big problem. I’m always dazzled. I really don’t know what to choose. It’s better to pick a simple but tall bib and just put it on. The chance of making a mistake is also low.

02 The generous solid color is effortless in matching clothes. You only need to choose according to your skin color, clothing and preferences. The super skin-friendly linen material is gentle and soft, giving the scarf an elegant and graceful literary style. Will give you extra points for your temperament.

03 Appropriate addition of some embellishments is also necessary. To get rid of monotony, the three color blocks of red, white and blue and the national flag pattern are equivalent to playing an active atmosphere. The originally dull space becomes lively, but it is moderate and not noisy. It's boring.

04 Although the colorful patterns are gorgeous, the classic plaid is more fashionable, not fancy, not tacky, at a glance, elegance and aura coexist, take a closer look, and find that the ingenious dotted plaid is a little bit less sharp and more color Sub-detailed and feminine.

05 The same is a bib, a bib with a larger circle is convenient for you to create the illusion of a scarf. The two colors are intertwined, which does not violate the slightest. It is cleverly twisted, and the fresh and stylish appearance is easy to come out. , But others can't guess what magic you used.

06 You can also add scenery that matches your lover's neck. It is more meaningful to express your feelings implicitly than directly and explicitly. A small scarf conveys the tacit understanding between two people and their care for each other. , Even if the cold wind is biting, the heart is warm.

07 There are many ways to wear a scarf. Girls who are not familiar with it should not be entangled. The existence of a scarf is to solve the trouble of wearing a bad scarf. It saves time and effort. Putting on a small scarf is another taste, simple And clear, the charm is also unstoppable.

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