Various ways to tie the basic scarf


Basic scarf matching 1. Basic: Black The black scarf is […]

Basic scarf matching

1. Basic: Black
The black scarf is very versatile. You can easily hold it with any coat of any color. For example, these three coats, plaid coat, black coat, and camel coat. It's fashionable to wear wood like this. The models are all concave and beautiful.
2. Basic: white
The white scarf is very consistent with the color of winter. It's warm when you look at it. The white scarf and the gray sweater match very elegantly and elegantly. They match with the light blue coat. They look like temperament and atmosphere. They all have the function of improving the brightness of the modeling, and make your modeling particularly attractive.
3. Basic payment: gray
I believe that every girl's wardrobe has a style of gray scarf, which is very versatile and good-looking. It's a kind of heavy scarf with a sense of sagging. It's nice to hang down around at will. It's also the advantage of lengthening the body. It's very beautiful to wear it with a woolen coat. The light gray scarf, the design of tassel style, has a kind of down fashion sense. It is warm and fashionable with plaid coat. Thin fringe scarf, it's very casual to look at. It's very stylish to wear it with black super long overcoat.
4. Basic: Camel
There are many kinds of scarf in camel color department. Once you choose the one that is not suitable, it will show rustic air. You can put it on your neck at will. The whole set is wearing camel color department single item, which looks very advanced. Don't want to wear a suit, camel scarf can be matched with gray woolen coat, still beautiful!
5. Basic: Red
It's a good choice to choose red scarf as accessories. It's decorated with white English letters, which adds a lot of fashion sense. It's also beautiful and greasy to wrap it up or tie a knot at will.

Many ways to tie a scarf

1. The scarf is spread out to cover the shoulder with the inclined shoulder style. One end of the scarf is draped on the other end of the shoulder, and then the other end is draped on the other shoulder. The multi-faceted fashion expression can be displayed through the asymmetric binding method.
2. As the name suggests, basic single circle matching is the most basic and simple method of tying. Wrap the scarf around the neck, and then hang both ends in front of the chest. This tying method is more suitable for warm scarves, and enhance the fashion sense of the scarf through the change of pattern or color.
3. The matching brooch is based on the basic single loop tying method, and the two ends of the pendant are pinned together with the shining brooch, so that the brooch and the scarf are mixed into one, and the V-shaped structure is formed to perfectly decorate the face shape.

How to choose scarf according to clothing

1. The shawl type thick needle scarf + high waist dress dress thick needle shawl type scarf can balance the light and thin feeling of the dress dress in winter, not only keeping warm, but also reducing the skin degree of the dress dress.
2. Leopard scarf + jacket + leopard shoes leopard scarf matching jacket can best show the wild atmosphere. The matching of leopard short boots can create a moderate spicy shape and highlight the fashion temperament.
3. National sense scarf + cashmere jacket cashmere jacket itself has the national style of Bohemia, with rich and rich color scarf style, making the overall shape more publicity.
4. Mix and match scarf + College style clothing Maybe many people don't understand the mixed scarf, which is a scarf mixed with various colors or elements. For example, a cotton scarf is decorated with plaid printing, solid color splicing, and wool ball. Such a scarf is a mixed scarf. Generally, the mixed scarf is easy to be colorful when it is matched with a checked shirt, cotton clothes, etc It can perfectly show the academic style.

How to choose scarf according to hair style

1. Different hair style and scarf matching hair style, different texture and style of scarf, the right choice of scarf style will make hair more beautiful.
2. Fresh short hair and a thick scarf will not affect the hair style while increasing the warmth. Girls with long hair should try to choose a lighter scarf style. Short hair: you can choose a thick needle scarf, or a triangle scarf that can be slanted. It is not only warm, but also lovely and sweet.
3. Long hair: long hair can choose a long cotton scarf with light and thin feeling, which is spicy and gentle. It will not let the hair puff out because of the existence of the scarf, so that you can still show the charm of long hair.

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