What is a jacquard scarf


The concave-convex pattern of the textile is composed o […]

The concave-convex pattern of the textile is composed of interlaced warp and weft threads. The jacquard machine can propose a pattern to the cotton yarn, and the cotton yarn of inferior quality cannot propose a formed pattern. The jacquard is also divided into plain jacquard scarves and twill jacquard scarves.
One type of scarf is knitted, the other type is woven, knitted is similar to the sweaters, wool gloves and other similar products we usually wear, woven is generally printed scarves, and jacquard scarves, etc., like our common jacquard scarves They are all yarn-dyed jacquard scarves. They are dyed first and then woven.

Through the transformation of warp and weft, a certain pattern is formed.
There are many kinds of materials for jacquard scarves, general wool, silk, linen, cotton, polyester, acrylic, rayon, etc. Take the common jacquard scarf material cotton as an example, the general yarn is divided into single-strand and double-strand, single-strand The cotton yarn is thinner, mostly 60S, and the double-ply yarn is thicker. The cotton fiber can also be interwoven or blended with other materials to achieve different effects. Jacquard scarves are mostly interwoven jacquard scarves, polyester and acrylic interwoven, both the crispness of polyester and the luster of acrylic.

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