What kind of temperament, what kind of scarf to wear


There has been a saying that the completion of fashion […]

There has been a saying that the completion of fashion is on the face. Although it sounds a bit lethal, it is also very reasonable. So? If you don’t look good, you don’t have the qualifications to catch up with the trend. Of course not. Natural beauty is hard to give up. The temperament that has been accumulated cannot be underestimated. Especially women, learn to use some small accessories to pack themselves, and still achieve the effect of fashion. , For example, a scarf.

  01 Only a soft and cute temperament with a soft and cute scarf can exert the true power of soft cuteness. As the saying goes, never underestimate the person sitting behind you, and for the same reason, never underestimate the girl who lives next to you, that is, the girl next door, because they may use a ginger scarf to complete the inverse at any time. Attack, even if it is ordinary yellow.

  02 Only an elegant temperament with an elegant scarf can exert the true power of elegance. If you are not interested in soft cuteness, you can choose a relatively calm scarf. A gray scarf with ginger accents is good. It is perfect to set off the so-called intellectual.

  03 Only a delicate temperament with a delicate scarf can exert its true power. I don't know why, when I see a woman with short hair, I will unconsciously think of Emily, especially the large red on the scarf, when it appears in the large green woods, it is like a scene in the movie.

  04 Only a gentle temperament with a gentle scarf can exert the true power of gentleness. It is no exaggeration to say that looking through the entire dress, it is difficult to find a more gentle color than pink. If you feel monotonous, you can choose the color matching style, which is absolutely ladylike and no problem.

  05 Only a feminine temperament with a feminine scarf can exert the true power of femininity. For women, no matter what their personality, there will always be a stage where they can't put it down with feminine things. Scarves are no exception. The dark green and dark gray double-sided designs are designed to meet their dual needs.

  06 A cool temperament with a cool scarf can exert the true power of coolness. The beauty of the iceberg, who can be seen from a distance and is not to be played, usually only appears in TV dramas. After a little bit of smoke and smoke, it is difficult to look like an inhumane fireworks. Of course, this kind of woman cannot be completely ruled out. The existence of the sky blue scarf made of cotton and linen is the favorite of iceberg beauties.

  07 Only a light mature temperament with a light mature scarf can exert the true power of light familiarity. In terms of all-match, the camel scarf dares to be the second, and no one dares to call the first. It may be because the autumn and winter coats are often in earth tones. No matter how they match with the camel scarf, there will be no sense of contradiction. .

  08 Big-brand temperament and big-brand scarf can exert the real power of big-brand. Big-name items usually have one thing in common, simple but not simple. This hand-woven Australian lamb wool scarf is an example. Whether it is skin-friendly touch, soft texture, or unique printing and dyeing, it is all big-name. Prove.

Cashmere-free Acrylic scarf

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