How to match the scarf with fashionable clothes


To withstand the cold winter wind, a comfortable scarf […]

To withstand the cold winter wind, a comfortable scarf is essential. So how does a scarf match clothes to look good and fashionable? Today, let's discuss it together.

1. The fluffy scarf must be very comfortable and warm to wear on the neck. It is very small and cute, without the impression of the bloated scarf. The cross style is also very convenient.

Whether it is apricot or light brown, it is very beautiful and versatile. This kind of scarf can be matched with a cotton coat or woolen coat without a collar. It is quite cute and makes people think that this girl is very delicate.

2. Plaid is an element that will never go out of style. This yellow-blue stitched plaid scarf has a strong retro and fashionable atmosphere. The soft woolen fabric also looks very comfortable. Girls who love beauty must know that such large scarves generally have a variety of methods. It looks good whether it is simply wrapped around the neck twice or like the model lady sister.

If you have mostly look coats in your closet, then this scarf must be a perfect match and very photogenic. By the way, it is also very good to treat it as a period.

3. Finally, I will introduce you to the knitted scarf, which is also the most common type of scarf.

I wonder if you hand-knit a couple scarf for your boyfriend when you were in college? For this kind of scarf, it is not recommended to buy a too big board type, because the knit itself will be more fluffy. If you choose one that is too long and too long, it will only look bloated.

Okay, that’s all for the three scarf collocations that I shared with you today. Do you like them?

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